The University of North Texas hosts one of the most comprehensive music schools and double bass programs in the world. Former bass students hold positions with major orchestras and top conservatories and music schools on 6 continents, have won multiple Grammy Awards and provide many of the leading young solo artists on the stage today.

The bass program offers weekly lessons, orchestral excerpts, bass technique and solo classes, a bass chamber music program and jazz bass fundamentals. Orchestral and ensemble experiences include Symphony, Opera and Concert orchestras and chamber music and orchestra in one of the leading Early Music programs in the US. We also offer contemporary and world music ensembles and a large variety of jazz ensembles, including the Grammy winning One O’clock lab band.

Bass events at UNT are plentiful as we regularly host top performers and teachers from all corners of the world, the 30th Annual Bass Camps and Lynn Seaton Jazz Bass Workshop, the Pirastro Elite Soloist Program and the Bradetich Foundation Competition.

Bass Faculty

Gudrun Raschen headshot

Gudrun Raschen

Gudrun Raschen headshot

Gudrun Raschen

Lecturer of Double Bass

Jeff Bradetich headshot with Bass

Jeff Bradetich

Jeff Bradetich headshot with Bass

Jeff Bradetich

Regents Professor of Double Bass

Student Achievements


Grammy (3)
Oscar (1)

Solo Competitions:

1st prize: International Society of Bassists Solo Competition (2)
1st prize: ISB Orchestral Competition
1st prize: ISB Jazz Competition
1st prize: ASTA (3 consecutive competitions, senior division. 1 winner in Jr. division)
Grand Prize: ASTA
Semi-Finalist Sphinx Competition (2)

US Orchestras:

Dallas Symphony
Pittsburgh Symphony (Associate Principal)
Seattle (Associate Principal)
Lyric Opera of Chicago
Vancouver Symphony, Canada
(Section and Principal) Miami Symphony (Principal)
Colorado Symphony (Principal)
New World Symphony (Section and Principal)
Oregon Symphony
Kansas City Symphony
San Antonio Symphony (Section and Principal)
Honolulu Symphony (Section and Principal)
Ft. Worth Symphony

International Orchestras

Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra of Amsterdam
Hong Kong Philharmonic
Singapore Philharmonic
Trondheim Symphony Orchestra
National Taiwan Symphony Orchestra
Former students in national symphonies of: Venezuela, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, South Korea, Spain, Taiwan, South Africa, Brazil, Canary Islands and New Zealand and numerous smaller European, South American and Asian orchestras


Alumni Aaron Olguin posing with Professor Bradetich
Alumni Aaron Olguin posing with Professor Bradetich

During my time at UNT, I had the irreplaceable experience of working with Jeff Bradetich for both my undergraduate and master’s degree.

In this time, I was able to grow through a nurturing and fruitful environment brought forth by Mr. Bradetich and the University itself. With decades of experience in teaching and student-to-professional musician output, Mr. Bradetich was able to guide me through his world class teaching methods and artistic insight to inspire me to strive for greatness. His approach is not a one size fits all method, but one that is inclusive of bass players of all sizes, genders, experience, and artistic foresight.

He is one of the most patient and diligent people I know. Every lesson I experienced with Mr. Bradetich was taught with a raw love for the double bass, pedagogy, and each student. I could see how much each student meant to him, and how his genuine and refined communication habits lead to learning curves that gave every student enough tools and musical experiences to tackle competitive positions available in the music world today and to allow for each person to make their dreams a tangible reality.

Aaron Olguin

International Society of Bassists Solo Competition and Principal Bass Trondheim, Norway Symphony Orchestra